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What to do if your tumble dryer is not working properly.

My clothes wont dry. If this sounds like your problem you may have a problem on your hands. It may be a simple fix or something that requires actual repair. It is important that you have a working dryer that you can actually depend on. If it stops working, it can cause a lot of inconvenience. The only thing you can do is start off checking the basic things and move on to the more complex issues to try and identify the problem.

Here are a few simple tricks you can try first before calling the professionals:

Check to ensure the dryer is plugged in: This may sound obvious but it can happen, your dryer will not work if it is not plugged in! This problem is easily noticeable because you won’t have any power and there will be no lights or indicators lighting on the machine. You can also try resetting your dryer by unplugging it for 10 minutes and plugging back in to see if that does the trick.

Dryer overloaded: If you have too many wet clothes in your machine it may cause your clothes to not dry evenly. Also too many clothes in the dryer at once will wreak havoc on various components of the dryer such as bearings, motor and drive belts due to the extra weight involved.

Inspect dryer vents: In order for your clothes to dry, the air vents need to be clear and free from any obstruction. Air vents allow sufficient airflow through your tumble dryer to dry your clothing. Check your air vents to make sure they are not clogged. You can do this by powering off & unplugging your machine and then disconnecting it from the vent. Clean any lint from the vent, screen, filters and pipe using a vacuum cleaner.

Check lint trap: If your lint trap is clogged, it may prevent your clothes from drying completely. You can easily clean the trap if you notice that there is too much lint in it. Again, airflow plays a major role in ensuring your dryer and lint trap are working efficiently.

Check water drainage: if your dryer has a water container that collects the moisture from the clothes then make sure it is not full. If it has an automatic drainpipe then check there are no blockages or kinks in the pipe preventing the free flow of water.

Inspect drive belt: This is probably more complex and should only be tried by the someone who is technically competent. There is usually a panel that can be removed at the back of the machine where the belt can be inspected. A damaged or loose drive belt can also keep your dryer from working properly.

Motor needs to be repaired: The motor in your dryer has a hard job to do, firstly it rotates the blower wheel to enable air flow throughout the dryer. The motor is also responsible for rotating the drum. A motor that is not working correctly may cause your clothes to remain wet even if you notice your dryer is still getting hot while in use.

Check control panel: Sometimes your clothes are not getting dry because the control panel on the dryer needs to be replaced. The control panel consists of the temperature, moisture and timer sensors on the face of the dryer. If the control panel is damaged in any way, the dryer will not work correctly. Electronic Service Centre are happy to test this for you and give an estimate on repair.

If you are wondering how to fix weak dryer performance, be sure that you try some of the above-mentioned tips. Start with the most basic fixes which a lot of the time will get your machine up and running. For more complex issues, such as the motor and drive belt, call in a professional such as Electronic Service Centre where our friendly and trained staff will be more than happy to help. +35361970050

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