Apple iPad Protector / Stand / Holder by Emerge
The Emerge Prostand is designed to attach to three generations of iPads.  It is lightweight and portable and incorporates viewing angle adjustments.  It is easy to attach and detach your iPad.  The convenient ring allows you to hang your iPad from any wall or from the headrest in a vehicle. Made for the iPad 2, 3 & 4.

The ABS tough material will help with drops and prevent damage. The ergonomic and anti-slip handle makes it so comfortable for one handed use in any situation.

Stand or hang your iPad without worrying it will slip or fall over.

Hold your ipad with one hand, leaving the other free to swipe the screen.

Car Headrest Mount

• Lightweight & Portable 
• Integrates Quickly 
• Durable Hardcase & Soft Rubber Inner 
• Rotates 360 Degrees 
• Horizontal Standing Support 
• Landscape Standing Support 
• Easily Handled 
• The stand is easy to detach & assemble 
• Attaches to the headrest for in Car Entertainment 
• Hanging position for presentations

Prostand Ipad Holder - 360Deg Swivel, Multi Positional. Available in 3 colours Please view the video below for more details.

Apple iPad 2, 3 & 4. Protector, Stand, Holder (White-Blue Trim)